What Our Customers Have to Say…

“We’ve tried bison from other companies, but they don’t compare to yours. We love your bison meat so much that we ordered our mothers bison for Mother’s Day. We hope to convert them as customers. Thank you for the extra jerky and summer sausage. We cannot wait to try it. Thank you.”

“Thanks to your product, we are developing quite an appetite for bison.”

“We got our shipment and it looked it like it just shipped a minute ago. We can’t wait until next time.”

“My order arrived today, frozen hard as a rock. I’m amazed. The only thing inside the styrofoam box was the meat and a piece of brown paper. No sign of any dry ice. Wow.”

NOTE: dry ice was inside the paper bag. As it goes from a solid to a gas the dry ice goes from ice back to carbon dioxide and vents out of the box. The temperature of dry ice is approx -85 F, so even after the ice has disappeared, it will take a long time for the meat to even get back to 0 F.

“Thank-you for the great work delivering our order. I’m recommending your web site to my friends, and I intend to be a regular customer.”

“Received my order today in good shape. I will be your customer from now on and will recommend you to anyone else interested.
Thank You, thank you!”

“I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your products, buffalo has now become my favorite meat to grill. in the quad cities we mostly only have access to the ground meat, the chance to try other cuts has been wonderful. Thanks again for the great product and excellent service, I have been telling others to give it a try.”

“Thank you so much for your fast and professional service. Fast, in correcting my mistake. Professional, in the prompt reply to my questions. My friends were superbly delighted to open the package. I will definitely order again, and this time I will get the correct address.”

“Returning customer-great service and products.”

“Thank you so much. The meat was a hit – and with folks going back for seconds every ounce was used.”

“My wife and I recently started ordering from you. Your service is so prompt! We just tried the ground patties and loved them. We were so impressed that my wife sent her employer and his family a gift pack. I’m sure you’ll have another customer after they try the meat. We can’t wait to try the steaks tonight.”

“Greetings! I just wanted you to know that my in-laws received their package yesterday. I’ve never heard them sound as excited as they were on the phone. They said the package arrived in great condition and frozen solid. They could not believe the large selection of meats included in the box. They just went on and on about the variety. They are anxious to try everything. Thanks again! Happy Holidays!”